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Yes, but we must consider the measurements of the new area to protect that it is equal to or less than what was protected in the first home.
To reuse, the new location will need new fixing points, but not a new safety net.

Since the safety net is designed to be adjustable, you can purchase a larger kit and make the necessary alterations to various protections.please bear in mind that the opening you want to protect should be be cut from one piece only.

KID and CAT safety nets made are made to the exact specifications as indicates by the client for their particular type of protection.
The Protections come with a rope to place around the perimeter.
They should not be used in any other way than those listed.
KID and CAT safety nets are available in standard or adjustable from all our established distributors and installers.
It's not necessary to take accurate measurements of the opening to protect, because the net can cut or adjusted to size later.
The measurement and materials included are larger than those indicated on the bag for the opening to be protected.

Are advised to fit the protect only once and leave it in place.
If we are removing and replacing the safety net, we run the risk of loosening the fixing points slowly.
Another risk worth avoiding is once installed and removed for some reason it's necessary to replace the safety net as soon as possible or we may forget.

Ekosystem Kid and Cat are the only anti-fall protection with patented network base and resistance guaranteed.

The advantages over other systems are:
KID/CAT is a protection without metal bars, KID/CAT is much cheaper and does not require modification work.
It does not alter the facade, it looks much lighter and non visible from the street.
Also in case of emergency does not restrict access as a means of escape.
Regarding glass enclosures.
KID/CAT is much cheaper.
No work is required and it doesn't alter the facade, it''s not visible from the street and does not restrict the level of ventilation of the protected area.
Regarding the homes with mosquito protection, locks, grilles, elevated garden railings or other materials.
KID/CAT guarantee the security and resilience which it is manufactured for, specifically to provide protection.
It's appearance is very light and non visible from the street. The kit comes with detailed installation instructions.

We have distributors and installers in many areas.
You can find the closest to your home in the corresponding maps and contact with them direct or If you wish, if you are in an area without distribution outlets, please contact us for to order your KID/CAT safety net.
You can also contact us with any enquiries you may have.

All kits include the following elements:
The protection net in measurements requested (can be custom, standard or adjustable sizes.)
The information lables for the safety net.
Fixing points required for installation.
Installation Instructions.

When the children grow up or if you decide to move home or for what ever reason, you can easily remove the protection in the future.
While it is true that to install the KID/CAT safety net holes are drilled around the perimeter of the protected area, but these are very small and can easy be concealed when protection is no longer needed.

It can never be used to climb on as it is necessary to support the weight of a person like the rungs of the ladder.
For KID's safety net, the support of the "cross" is less than one millimeter.
Before they try to hang on it, the child will be released to the floor avoid them being hurt.

KID/CAT safety net is completely safe and non toxic, so There will never be any risk of toxins by contact or by ingestion.
If a child touches the safety net and then puts their hands in their mouth, nothing will happen.

In any case of safety the KID/CAT protection net can't be used as access by intruders.
The resistance of the wire mesh is 20 kilograms, and is therefore is not capable of being used as a ladder.

Councils haven't given any objections to the installation of KID/CAT safety net protection.
Some Councils are very strict in reference to the modification of structural elements of houses, but the KID/CAT protection anti-fall system isn't a structural element or require modification for installation.

So far there has been no case in which neighbours have complain because an area has been protected with a KID/CAT safety net.
It's transparent appearance makes the protection system perfectly acceptable in all communities.

Looking from the street to the second floor at the KID/CAT safety protection net will struggle to see that a protection net has been installed.

The semi-invisibility of KID/CAT safety net has been very carefully studied during it's trial phase for it's protection, given that its destination is to protect families at home.
It's aesthetic has been taken into account and the result is a very light safety net which is extremely durable.
We can assure you that after the first few days the "novelty" wears off and you don't even remember having the protection installed except for the tranquility of having it.

KID/CAT Safety nets have been subjected to more anti-solar radiation than exists, which is three-year, ensuring the protection of materials and to maintain their resistance to solar radiation.

KID/CAT is the safest anti-fall protection system you will find.
The KID/CAT safety net has been tested in certified laboratories in the European Union, with the result that every single thread has a proven strength of 20 kg before breaking.
The effect of meshing is to multiply the resistance.
The rope supplied is certified to EN 1263 (used in prevention of occupational hazards) and its resistance is 750 kg guaranteed at each point before breaking.
All KID/CAT elements are manufactured in the European Union, qualified and certified by the manufacturers.

If you want to install KID or CAT safety protection net on a terrace or other space that has no roof, you need to use some simple aids to maintaining it security in place.
In this case, you can e-mail some pictures of the area or opening to our technical department and we will send specific instructions on how to customize fixing points.

The installation of domestic KID/CAT protection system Kit to prevent anyone from falling at height is straightforward in most cases.
Only need a domestic electric drill for the fixing points at the perimeter of the opening to protect.
Then you only need to extend the safety net and secure with the clips included.

Always, when you search for something, you can find cheaper quotes.
Our goal is always to ensure s the security level, and therefore all product components are completely manufactured in Europe under European legislation.
We have certificates of resistance of each of the elements of our products, and always perform system functionality tests before offering any variation of components.
All this has a cost, which is the minimum necessary to ensure the utmost assurance of our products, and users thereof.

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