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About us

Ekosystem was born regarding to the restlessness showing by a very important professionals belongs to the construction sector with a very dilated experience in Fall prevention of risks in the sector previously mentioned.



From years 90 our team has been watching and working of the collective security of buildings for very important Companies of builders contractors , checking the security on severals ways as a residential buildings such as bridges, tunnels and railways.

Some companies gave us their trust are Companies as Ferrovial , Copcisa , Aldesa , OHL and Vias y Construcciones , and others.

The origin of Ekosystem show us a new target : Project all the persons in their domestic environment, not without risks and dangers.

"KID" The idea to remember

The tigger was a meeting at home of one of our thecnical , at that time he had a baby about 3 years old.

At the coffe time the baby picked up a chair and went directly to the balcony for see better the garden they had in front of.

Accustomed to our day to day, was to protect places with risk of falling in works both buildings and civil works, our response was to seek a solution to the risk of fall was in private homes. In this way we began a long investigation with the clear objective: TO PROTECT OUR FAMILIES.

In search of better protection system and reference standards which conform, we discovered that this important task has been and remains until today quite neglected both by markets as by legislators worldwide.

Regarding to the building constructions we are really sure that exist a very ample normatives. But unfortunately, we can conclude that our homes are not designed to be occupied by children, but only by adults.

For this reason we designed the first system patented network protection in Spain. Since then, households around the world enjoy the tranquility and security of being protected from falls at different heights.

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